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Chris Weaver was born to perform. Mixing a perfect blend of southern rock, soul and country blues, Chris and his band are inspiring crowds all around the world on the heels of releasing their sophomore CD, AMERICAN DREAMER. Attending a Chris Weaver performance is a spiritual experience you don’t want to miss!... (Read More Here)

What people are saying about Chris Weaver

"Chris Weaver is a star in the making… an out-and-out singer – with a Capital S.” - Billboard

"AMERICAN DREAMER... An absolutely amazing album from start to finish with a sound unlike anything you'll hear on country radio from anyone else." - Mike Thomas, KFAV Radio Warrenton, MO

"Weaver is star quality.....he has a ton of talent and deserves to be heard” - Dave Wheaton KEAN Radio, Abilene, TX

"a voice that draws you in immediately... full of raw emotion.”
– Jackson Music Examiner

"This album absolutely blew me away from start to finish! Best album of the year; not even close. If you take every country album in the Top 10 and roll it into one, it wouldn't contain half as much raw emotion, energy and country soul as this album does." - Kelly Green, Program Director, WEIO, Huntington, TN

"Raise The Dead" - Courtesy of Yallwire

Official Video for "Standing In Line"

Performing "So Damn Beautiful"

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